Tonight is Do or Die for the Blackhawks

Last night, the Blackhawks lost their 4th game in a row while chasing for a spot in the Wild Card race. This team will officially make me lose my hair.

The team fell 5-3 against the Edmonton Oilers (McDavid-less) just last night and tonight, the team will be taking on the Vancouver Canucks. This is a do-or-die game.

The Hawks have 58 points in the standings chasing Arizona, with 64 points, in the 2nd Wildcard spot. Vancouver will be a tough customer tonight. The Cancucks are 1st in the Pacific, with a 31-21-5 record and 67 points. In the last 10 games, they have been 6-3-1. The Canucks play physical and are stacked with younger offensively skilled players.

The Blackhawks need to clean up their act before tonight’s game and avoid simple mistakes. The penalty kill is our biggest thorn right now so let’s pray we don’t have to deal with needless penalties.

We have yet to hear if Dylan Strome will be in tonight’s game. He was healthy scratched last night against the Oilers. When that was announced, people were guessing that we could see a trade and I’ll just say that if that happens I will start an actual riot. Feel free to join.

This season alone, Strome has 30 points (10G 20A) in 44 games. I get that its been over a month since he was on the score sheet but giving up Dylan Strome would be a dumb fuckin decision by Bowman. He’s still a kid that puts up points and makes things happen on the ice, he can keep up with this faster generation.

The same goes with Alex DeBrincat. Sure DeBrincat is having a slower season, 36 points in 56 games so far but he’s been on fire since he started in the NHL. Most players hit a “Sophomore slump” after such an electric rookie season. In his first year, DeBrincat had 52 points (28G 24A) in 82 games. Then coming into his second year, he put up 76 points (41G 35A) in 82 games, no slump in sight. Now, in his third season, Brinksy has 36 points (13G 23A) in 56 games and Twitter is coming for his head.

He’s 22 years old, he’s given you 164 points already, give him a break. He’s been producing nonstop for this team even when all hope was lost. Don’t start calling for a trade the second he hits a rough patch, you unloyal pricks. Every player hits a drought and he’s hit his first big one in his career, chill.

The Blackhawks need to hold onto Strome and DeBrincat to keep their future bright. If Bowman trades either of them, I’ll see to beginning the riot.

As for now, keep your head up Blackhawks fans. Tonight is a BIG game for the Hawks’ playoff hopes so hang in there.

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