Life is so much bigger than hockey and we were reminded of that last night.

Jay Bouwmeester collapsed on the bench during last night’s St.Louis Blues vs Anaheim Ducks game. I won’t post the video here but it’s scary to see.

Bouwmeester was rushed down the tunnels by Blues and Ducks medical staff and paramedics. Bouwmeester was rushed to the hospital. Darren Pang, who was reporting intermission interviews down the tunnel, reported what he saw.

The game was canceled. As of this morning, Blues GM Doug Armstrong gave us an update:

My thoughts are with Bouwmeester and his family right now. It was the father’s trip so Jay’s dad is with him, at the hospital. 

My thoughts are also with his teammates right now. That’s a terrifying thing to go through as well. There is one small solace there that it being the dad’s trip meant that there was family there for them to go to. The team stayed in Orange County last right rather than travel to Vegas as planned. This photo did come out after the game was canceled.

 There has been an outpouring of well-wishes from the hockey community both last nights and today with the #PrayForJay. It does show what a family hockey really is. It doesn’t matter if you love the Blues or hate them, everyone is praying for Jay’s recovery right now. Even as a Chicagoan who pokes fun at St. Louis and the Blues often, this is so much bigger than any game or rivalry. There is so much to life outside of hockey, it really is just a game at the end of the day. I don’t pray a lot but I am praying for Jay, his family, and the Blues organization right now.

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Featured Image: USA TODAY

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