Team USA Wins 4 of 5 in This Year’s Rivalry Series!

Once again……



Team USA took game 5 of the Rivalry Series and officially finished the fight with a win in 4 of 5 games. So for the 2nd Annual Rivalry Series, the USA takes this one and leaves the rivalry tied at 1-1.

As for Game 5, the Americans took the early lead with a goal from Hilary Knight (1st 2:37). Canada got even quick though with a goal from Jill Saulnier (1st 3:01) and another one Loren Gabel (1st 16:32). Dani Cameranesi (1st 18:24) tied it up right before the end of the first.

Canada put up a goal early in the 2nd from Melodie Daoust (2nd 2:56). The Canadiens kept that lead until the middle of the 3rd where the US got even because of Monique Lamoureux-Morando (3rd 9:00).

Megan Bozek was the OT hero for the US, scoring 42 seconds into an OT power Play.

The rivalry between the US and Canada has hit a peak. There was scrum after scrum last night, mostly in the 2nd period. It’s become one of the best rivalries we’ve seen in hockey. Not to mention, this meme had to happen. 

Not only was the game on the ice monumental, but the attendance was through the roof. This game was attended by 13,320 fans out in Anaheim, setting a record for the highest attendance at a women’s national hockey team game played in the US.

I can’t figure out who it is but whoever is in the middle, looking up into the crowd while being hugged by her teammates gives me goosebumps.

That wraps up this year’s Rivalry Series. I’ll talk about it more on Tuesday’s Shortman’s Hockey Corner so stay tuned!

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Featured Image: USA Hockey

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