NWHL’S All-Star Skills Challenge Results

Tonight was the NWHL’s All-Star Skills Challenge and all 6 events were a thriller!

I will amend that I had thought there were 3 events and said so in my pod from Friday and past blog. That’s on me, I was wrong.

But! For all 6 events tonight, the winners were absolute stunners. Let’s go through them.

Fastest Skater: Grace Klienbach

From Connecticut Whalers playing for Team Packer – 13.6 seconds

Fastest Goalie: Mariah Fujimagari

From Buffalo Beauts playing for Team Dempsy – 18.84 seconds

Shooting Accuracy: Jillian Dempsey

From the Boston Pride leading Team Dempsey – 9.69 seconds – NWHL Record

Hardest Shot: Kaleigh Fratkin

From Boston Pride playing for Team Packer – 73 MPH

Relay Race: Team Dempsey 

Team Shootout: Team Packer (4 goals)

Team Packer takes the W for this Skills Challenge! (yay!) Remember that tomorrow’s game starts at 1:30 PM CT and you can watch it on the NWHL’s Twitch Channel.

Here are some extra highlights from the event:

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Featured Image: Michelle Jay

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