Trevor Moore Meets Kings In NYC… But There is One Small Problem

Last night, the LA Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs made a trade that sent left winger Trevor Moore to the Kings with 2 draft picks (one conditional) in exchange for Jack Campbell and Kyle Clifford

Today, Moore went to meet the Kings in New York where they will be playing the Islander tonight.

One small problem.

Somehow, when Moore’s stuff was being grabbed off the Maple Leafs’ bus, the wrong bag was grabbed. So Trevor Moore is stuck in NYC with a new team and his ex-teammate’s belongings. And one of the Maple Leafs is stuck with Trevor Moore’s stuff. 

The best part is trying to guess whose suitcase Moore got because the possibilities are hilariously endless.

Getting William Nylander or Auston Matthews would be funny because they’re the high fashion (if I could put those two words in a fancy font, I would) guys. Or if Moore (5’10”) got Frederik Gauthier (6’5″) or Jake Muzzin‘s (6’3″) then the poor guy better run to an NYC Tailer so he’s not swimming in a suit tonight.

I’m sure we’ll hear later, whether in a post-game or even before, whose bag it was but for now I’m gonna keep joking about whose it could have been.


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