Looking at the NWHL’s All-Star Skills Challenges

This weekend is the NWHL’s All-Star Competition and to kick off the weekend on Saturday at 7PM CT, the Skills Challenge will take place. This year, there will be 3 challenges: Chipwich Fastest Skater, Slalom Hardest Shot, and a new event, the Franklin Relay Race.

Every player/team that wins will win one point for their Team, which is either Team Dempsey or Team Packer.

This morning the lineup was released so let’s look at who will be taking each challenge. The ones that are bolded are who I think will take the W, you can also click on every player’s name to see their stats for this season.

Chipwich Fastest Skater

Slalom Hardest Shot

Franklin Relay Race

This one needs some explaining and if I tried to reword it, we would have another Shooting Stars incident. This is what the relay race is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The first set of obstacles are six cones that players will have to stickhandle their way through. The second set of obstacles, located at center ice, are six pylons that skaters will have to weave around while maintaining control of the puck in a test of their edgework. The third set of obstacles require the participants to duck under a low bridge and then hop over a short hurdle before firing the puck into the empty net and rushing back down the ice to tag in their teammate.” (x)

Overall in the All-Star weekend, I’ll be rooting for Team Packer. Madison Packer herself is one of my favorite players so I couldn’t really root against her. Either way, it’s going to be an action-packed weekend with many memories made and I can’t wait for it to get started.

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