I’m Screaming Inside

The Blackhawks played the Bruins in a game tonight and as a Blackhawks fan, I am screaming.

Hell broke loose in the third period. Watch this replay:

The ref apparently blew the whistle (which no one hears?) ON Krug. But no one stops play or seems to even hear a whistle. Then Caggiula goes and scores. But the goal is disallowed? There was no clear explanation at first, a penalty was announced against the Bruins. Plus the announcers seem to think it was called a handpass. It sucks the most because this goal put the Hawks ahead, would have given them the W, and out of the second wild card spot by just 1 point. Instead, we’re stuck with another OT and another loss.

What makes it sting, even more, is the officials told Toews that calling off the goal was a mistake.

If the NHL could get off it’s BS that would be great. It’s bullshit that the consistency on calls are all over the place and then after the refs are admitting that they fucked up. Anyway, I’m gonna finish ranting about the topic before I become this:


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