The Battle of Alberta is on ANOTHER LEVEL

The Battle of Alberta has reached another level of Chaos and I am loving it. 

Not only were there 2 goals scored by Edmonton in the first 1:05 of the game. Oh no no, this is just getting started. The game is 6-3 Edmonton in the 2nd at the moment and all hell just broke loose.

This massive scrum just erupted aaaaaaand…WE GOT A GOALIE FIGHT!

Cam Talbot and Mike Smith went HAM in this and it’s fantastic. On top of that, a line brawl broke out. Both goalies were kicked from the game. The best part is that there is only 1 Emergency Backup Goalie so if anything happens to the team’s remaining goalies, this shit show is going to escalate.

So much chaos, so much hate. I fuckin love it. This is the best kind of hockey. There is every emotion on the ice, you’re playing for the guy next to you. I’m ready for a playoff series between these two.

NHL, we know you rig shit, make this happen. 

In the end,Edmonton beat Calgary 8-3. Of the 4 games played this season, Edmonton has won 3 of 4.


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