I Thought the “Shooting Stars” Competition Was Going to be Very Different and Here’s Why

For the NHL’s All-Star Skills Competition, there is a new competition called “Shooting Star” and it is basically this (from my understanding):

I’ve seen this video about 100 times before and I heard that the players will be shooting from in the crowd.

So realistically when I read this part of the description:

From NHL.com

I should have thought “oh, it’ll probably look like this”: (Tyler Seguin not to scale)

An idea of how it might look by me: Shortman Hams

That was the logical way for my brain to go. This was a case of “yes I’ve seen this. NBD.” But no.

Tell me why

For about half an hour.

I thought it would be like this:

What my idiot self thought it would look like, once again by Shortman Hams

Once again, Tyler Seguin and structure not to scale.

Maybe not with a ladder or that shaky looking but you get the gist. 

I, for some reason, thought that they were going to raise players to 30 feet in the air ON THE ICE with some kind of platform like it’s a One Direction concert. I’m not gonna lie, I was worried. My biggest concern was about players falling, I was like “What?? How are they going to do that and not have someone fall off the platform??”

Until I realized that I’m an idiot. That is my brain failing of the day and I felt like I couldn’t live alone with that image so I’m sharing it with all of you, enjoy.

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Featured Image: Myself sadly

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