As Fast As Her

Kendall Coyne Schofield is my hero.

I was in literal tears watching As Fast As Her. Kendall Coyne Schofield has done so much for the sport of hockey and the furtherment of the game, she is just incredible. Thinking back on all that happened this year with women’s hockey, Kendall’s race, at least to me, was the spark that started a whole year of change.

This year alone, we saw the creation of the PWHPA, the Dream Gap Tour, and two more gold medals for the U18 team and Women’s team. There was also the fold of the CWHL and an inkling that the NWHL could expand to Canada within the coming seasons. Thousands of kids, both boys and girls, have found the game and maybe even picked up a stick. 

Her fight, as well as the hundreds of other female players, to give the women of hockey an equal stage to the men has been inspiring. Kendall has attended a number of conventions and summits to discuss the growth of the game and how it has affected many lives. In As Fast As Her, she brings up a great point of how repetitive these conversations are getting:

“The espnW summit was excellent to be a part of, but when are we done having these conversations? You know, when are we done going to events like that, and having to talk about the same thing we’ve been talking about for 20, and 30 years? Here we are, in 2019, trying to create something that has been earned already.” (11:30 In AFAH)

She’s not wrong. These conversations are getting so repetitive. These women and the ones before them have proved time and time again that they deserve a stable league with as good coverage as the men’s league. They have fought for so long to have created something better for those who come after them. That’s why they’re boycotting the current league in hopes that using the exposure of traveling from city to city and growing the game can get them the recognition they need from bigger companies to sponsor a league that won’t fold or leave them with the need for 2 or more jobs.

Yes, the NWHL has built itself up this year and is growing but we just saw the fall of the CWHL so who knows if that will happen down the line here. Getting this kind of exposure is massive for the game.

I’ve said it time and time against that this year in women’s hockey has been massive for the growth of the game. From here, things are only going to get better.

If you want to watch As Fast As Her (and I highly encourage you doing so I’m watching it for the 5th time), you can right here:

I talk a lot about women’s hockey on Ham Sports and you can read more of that here.


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Featured Image: From the As Fast As Her Video

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