All 4 PWHPA Women Score in ECHL All-Star Games

Hell yeah, let’s go ladies! Four PWHPA participated in the ECHL All-Star game tonight and all four ladies scored a goal during the game.

There were 4 ECHL Teams with one woman per team. Annie Pankowski was on the Bolts, Gigi Marvin was on the Western All-Stars, Dani Cameranesi played with the Hammers, and finally, Kali Flanagan played with the Eastern All-Stars.

Annie Pankowski was the first to get on the board for the women but the other 3 were not too far behind. I do have to say that I loved Kali Flanagan’s goal. The ref kicked the puck towards her as she was skating and she was able to get it into an empty net. 

All 4 women demonstrated events. Cameranesi and Flanagan skated before the Fastest Skater competition. Marvin and Pankowski did the Shooting Accuracy portion.

All 4 women did fantastic in this competition. This has been great for exposure to the PWHPA’s mission to grow the game.


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Featured Image: Phillip MacCallum/HHOF-IIHF Images, Courtesy of USA Hockey

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