Toews and Keith Scrap At Morning Skate But I’m Sure All is Well

It’s not often you see a practice scrap but we had one this morning between Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith, two long-time veterans of the Chicago Blackhawks.

I caught wind of it from Mark Lazerus on Twitter:

Lazerus continued by saying that the fight wasn’t violent but it “didn’t look playful, either”.

Here is a small bit of the end of the fight:

Of course, we don’t know yet what really went down, not until the media can get into the locker room later but I’m sure it wasn’t anything to really worry about. Sometimes small arguments snowball from one thing to another until something like this breaks out, I know I’ve been there. Maybe one said something and it was the straw that broke the camels back to this.

I’m sure it’s nothing major. Even then, Keith and Toews are professionals and leaders on the team, they won’t drag this out or let it affect the locker room. Let’s wait to hear more before setting the ship on fire, eh?

The one man really assuring me has to be Robin Lehner, one of Chicago’s goalies, who replied this to Mark’s tweets:

I’ll update here later when the media gets into the room and inevitably interrogates Toews and Keith but rest assured Hawks fans that this is nothing big to worry about.

Updated as of 11:30 AM:

Of course, I post this and 10 seconds later we have an update smh.

Lazerus tweeted out again with this quote from Tazer:

As I said, it’s nothing major. This is a stressful stretch, shit happens and sometimes it’s this. There is nothing to scream about on Twitter. The Hawks face Quineville and the Panthers tonight, two big points that we need to keep fighting so let’s focus on going out into this bye week/All-Star Break on a high.


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