Ilya Kovalchuk Making Good Use of Second Chance

The Canadians took a big chance on bringing 36-year-old Ilya Kovalchuk onto their lineup and he has been putting in the work to make their chance worthwhile.

So far, Kovalchuk has put up 7 points in his first 7 games with the Habs. Those 7 points are divided between 3 goals and 4 assists. In those 7 games, the Canadians have also gone 3-4 and are now at 7th in the Eastern Wild Card race (49 points).

The Canadians are looking for a playoff spot and before they got Kovalchuk I would have said no chance. But he seems to have a positive effect for himself and his teammates so they could get hot about now and actually have a chance. They’re just 7 points from a playoff seat so if other teams start to drop, you never know what could happen. Regardless, you have to give it to Kovalchuk for making his way back and working his ass off for the team that’s given him another shot in the NHL.


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