Crosby Returns to the Pens With Power

I said last week that when Sid returned, it was either going to lift the Pens or cause a bit of disrupted chemistry. Well, safe to say the kids are gonna be alright.

Sidney Crosby returned to the Pens tonight with a goal and 3 assists in the Penguins’ 7-3 victory over the Minnesota Wild.

Sid’s backhand made its appearance in the 3rd period for the lone goal he picked up.

Not even a minute after that, Sid assisted on Dominik Simon‘s 5th of the season.

Sid wasn’t the only alive player tonight. His counterpart Evgeni Malkin had 2 goals and an assist on the night. Not to mention, Geno won the building some free Big Macs, so another plus. This was a look in the 3rd period, about what Sid and Geno had done in that game alone.

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 20.19.10 - Display 2.png

Things are only going to get better for the Penguins from here. Their goalie is rockin, their scoring is phenomenal. The Captain is back and he’s ready to fricken win. This last stretch is going to be good.

And I will take one moment to gloat over the fact that Alex Galchenyuk picked up another goal tonight. Chucky is a player I’ve liked a lot since he was in Montreal and I want him to succeed so bad. He’s a great player but seems to be hesitant when shooting so any time he gets a goal I’mma celebrate and y’all can fight me about it.

Here is a list of every Penguin that got a point tonight:

Overall, so many victories today.


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Featured Image: Screenshot from the game

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