Let’s Talk About the NHL All-Star Jerseys

My apologies I’m late to the party, I’ve had a fever and killer headache all day but now let’s talk about these All-Star jerseys.

It’s the same thing every year. The jerseys are released and everyone dogs on them. These ones aren’t soo bad. I like how the team logos are incorporated, like last year’s but I don’t like the random colours for some teams.

The Red Wings’ and Jets’ colours work, those are the recognizable colours and they’re even a little different. But for teams like Veger, Chicago, and Minnesota, why do they just use the darker shades?

Chicago’s jersey is one of, if not the most, colourful jerseys in the league and you’re going to make the logo plain black? Even for Minnesota, it’s a really dark green that looks almost black.

Other than that, I don’t despise them. Plus it’s the All-Star game, they’re going to be worn once anyway so quit crying about it.

This was the one great thing that came from the jersey announcement though.

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Featured Image: Sportsnet on Twitter

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