Nashville Predators Drop Peter Laviolette

Nashville Predators have pulled a big move by dropping longtime Head coach Peter Laviolette and his Associate coach Kevin McCarthy.

This comes as little shock as the Preds have gone 19-15-7 this season and are 6th in the Central Division. They have 141 goals for and 134 goals against with a 53.2% corsi for. Under Laviolette and McCarthy, the Preds had 248 wins.

The team has not named a replacement coach yet but they say they will do it before the Preds take on the Bruins tomorrow.

Once again, I’m not surprised that this is happening now. Even though the GM in Nashville doesn’t usually fire his guys midseason, this has been a long stretch as Nashville has been falling apart. The Preds have always been a big playoff presence and now they’re struggling to the Wild Card. Even more so, they have been the team you know you’re going to play in playoffs but I’ve never looked at their team and been like “yeah, they have what it takes to win the Cup.” It’s a weird limbo that a few teams find themselves in but now, with a new coach and a fresh page, the Preds are looking to get out of that loop.


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