Ham Sports Takes on Dallas: Day 6- Departure

Gather around for Shortman’s last day in Dallas. Exploring the big city of Dallas and meeting with my Twitter friends was an amazing experience that I’m going to miss so dearly. BUT the last day was full of some nice surprises. 

After checking out of our Airbnb and bidding farewell to our friend April, the remaining 3 of us (Kari, Craig, and I) spent some time at Whataburger.

Before I even continue, I want to say how I am in love with Whataburger. The Pattymelt from there is ridiculous and I can eat 50 of them. I had Whataburger for 3 consecutive meals in Dallas and I have zero regrets about it.

So after spending a good hour in a half in a food coma, the trio headed to Frisco to check out the Stars’ practice facility and new Hanger store. The training facility was really cool and covered in Stars mementos.

Retired Jerseys
Retired Jersey Plaques
Stars Sign in the Parking Garage
stars glow
Stars Sign that I need for my garage
SCC Wall
Wall with the names of the ’99 Stanley Cup Champs

Once inside you can see the actual practice arena which is very Stars’ spirited. 

Right across from the practice arena is the new Hanger store where you can buy some Stars apparel. It being the last day, we decided to pick up some last-minute gear. I am now the proud owner of a Miro Heiskanen t-shirt jersey (that kid is a STUD) and a new Stars’ hat. As we were paying we noticed that there was actual Stars’ practice that day.

We had no idea that the boys were going to be practicing there that day but as fate would have it, we were able to watch the practice from ice level. Here is some of the video I got from that day.

Now, as you might know, Jamie Benn is my favorite player so Benn did stop in front of us during practice and I was shook. (Ignore me saying “Lorek” that’s my friend that I sent the snapchat to).

I’ve never seen an NHL practice in person so it was cool to watch the team run through drills and be carefree as compared to the intensity of a game.


Plus, the Stars had a little special guest with them. It was Joe Pavelski’s son and he got to shoot around with the guys later on in practice. He’s a determined little guy with a rocket shot, definitely gets that from his dad. It was nice to see the team allow him into the fold and play with them.

And my favorite photo to come out of the whole thing, courtesy of Craig, was Jamie Oleksiak tapping his helmet off of Denis Gurianov’s helmet and covering him in some ice shavings.

Jamie O snows Guri
Jamie Oleksiak (Black jersey) dusts some ice onto Denis Gurianov (White jersey)

After practice ended, we hung around and watched as Team USA was knocked out of the World Juniors by Finland. We still had more time to kill before heading to the airport but the only thing in our vicinity was IKEA. It was my first trip to IKEA but the only video I took was the very typical “New Apartment Check” of a very bougie looking apartment I’ll never afford. If you’ve never taken a Snap like that have you ever really been to IKEA???


After wandering around IKEA criticizing apartments, it was time to head to the airport and head home. I got to Love Field extra early, wrote two blogs (that you can read here and here 😉 ) and waited two hours before I even boarded the plane home.

It was sad to see Dallas go. The city and its people are fantastic and I wish I could take another day to walk around and explore all that was there.

But as sad as I was, I was ready to sleep for 12 hours in my own bed. Plus I missed my little brother’s rambling.

Warning if you hate flying or heights, skip these two videos.

This was Dallas from above (that reflection is my coffee, sorry)


And here is beautiful Chicago from above.

So that brings the end to my trip to Dallas full of hockey, friends, and more hockey. It was phenomenal to meet my friends in person and watch a team I love so dearly. If you ever get the chance to go to Dallas do it. And catch a Stars’ game if they’re home.

I still have a lot more videos and stories that I’ll be editing into a video within the coming week. AND with some new editing software too (insert the eyes emoji here).

But that is the end of my Dallas trip, thanks for coming with me. In the coming year I plan to travel more so I’ll be doing some more blogs like this but for now, that’s all folks.

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