Ham Sports Takes Dallas: Day 5- Hockey

Happy New Year! A few days late but let’s time travel back to January 1st, 2020.

We start off the year at the NHL’s 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas, Texas. As a Stars fan, I was so excited to see this game in person. The festivities for the game were amazing. Outside the Cotton Bowl, there were free rides, stages with Stars Alumni, and food for everyone. Trying to get from place to place was a bit ridiculous because there were so many people but the festivities themselves were fun.

Here are some videos from outside the Bowl:

The atmosphere inside was second to none. I went to the 2019 Winter Classic and this crowd was far more alive than last year’s. The Stars did go down 0-2 in the first period but Blake Comeau put the Stars on the board late in the 2nd period. From there, the Stars came back with 3 more unanswered goals!

This video is from Andrej Sekeras goal which set the Stars up 4-2.

The game was so loud and absolutely electric. The final attendance count was 85,630 people!

winter classic's attendance

I have so many more videos and photos from that day and I will be putting them all together into one video coming out later this week. Stay tuned for a Day 6 which was my final day in Dallas!

Shortman at Winter Classic
That’s me (Shortman) at the Winter Classic

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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Featured Image: Myself :)

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