Ham Sports Takes Dallas: Day 3- Chilling

Give it up for Day 3 kids!

Day 3 was more chilled out than most of my trip so far. I woke up a little later but it was just in time for the ice cream truck. This truck was basically a bodega on wheels and I loved it. 

Ice Cream Truck

And of course, I had to pick up one of the characters. They didn’t have Spongebob so I had to go with Spider-Man.


After the ice cream, I headed out to the Bishop Arts Districts but ended up in a different neighborhood. I did end up finding the Davis Street Mercantile (on Davis St, obvs). This little store was full of cute shop that gives you a free little cup of hot cider when you walk in. I did pick up some Texas socks, a tradition I pick up in every state. 


Next, I walked over a few streets to Oak Cliff that had a lot of street art. Other than that and small shots, there wasn’t much over there. It was more of a residential area.

artmusic valero

After that, I headed back to my Airbnb and had an early night in.

The Pens game was on and it was worth a watch. Geno had a fantastic night and Jake Guentzel had the scary collision with the boards that resulted in him needing shoulder surgery. Hoping Guentzel has a speedy recovery.

That’s really all for Day 3. Today, two more of my friends are coming to Dallas so the party is growing from here. We got the Chiclets’ Live Show and the New Year so stay tuned.

Day 1

Day 2

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Featured Image: Myself

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