Team Canada is Having a Rough Time

Team Canada may have started off hot with a 6-4 victory over Team USA but things are quite messy now.

First, Canada lost one of their best players and projected 1st overall in the 2020 Draft, Alexis Lafrenière to a knee injury. Lafrenière went down awkwardly and collided with Team Russia’s goaltender. Lafrenière leads Team Canada with 4 points (1G 3A).

Team Canada has said that he has an MRI and there is no fracture or torn ligament. The team still does not know if he will be out for just a game or two or the whole tournament. Lafrenière has a lot at stake with such a fantastic season in the QMJHL, the kid has 70 points in 32 games. He’s predicted 1st overall in the 2020 NHL Draft. Having him sit could be for the best.

Next was what came after the game. Canada was steamrolled by Team Russia on the 28th, 6-0. During the Russian Antham, Team Canada’s captain Barrett Hayton didn’t remove his helmet and Russia was not happy.

I see why they’re upset, it’s disrespectful. Regardless of what country be respectful and take your hart off during their anthem. And if you’re an American on Twitter being an ass just because it’s Russia then I want you to think about how pissy you’d be if someone left their helmet on during the American anthem. We would see American flags and “YoU tHiNk YoU’rE sO sMaRt AnD bRaVe” all over fuckin Twitter. 

Hayton and Hockey Canada released an apology:

I’m a bit split on it because yes it’s really disrespectful to just ignore another team’s anthem like that plus being the captain of Team Canada means you gotta use your head there bud. But on the other hand, you can’t be too hard on him, he’s just a kid. Sometimes kids are just dumbasses and don’t think.

To tie it all up with a little messy bow, the IIHF has suspended Joe Veleno one game for headbutting a Russian player in that 6-0 loss. Veleno has 1 point and 4 PIMs in 2 games so far.

It took one game to make Team Canada hit every single bump in the road. Canada plays Germany at 3PM on the 30th and I hope they don’t let the rest of their roster crumble around then.


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Featured Image: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

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