Nazem Kadri Gets A Penalty For *squints* Being Put in a Chokehold?

This call is so confusing.

So the Colorado Avalanche played the Minnesota Wild tonight and during the game, this happened.

To break this down:

Ryan Hartman (38 Minnesota) grabs Nazem Kadri (91 Colorado), puts him in a chokehold from behind and pulls him down to the ice. It’s a dangerous play, even if Hartman didn’t mean to put him in a chokehold. It looks like Hartman was just reaching for the puck but he curled his arm around Kadri and pulled him backward, down onto the ice.

Hartman was put in the box for 2 minutes on a holding call. But this is where the Bullshit begins.

The Refs called Kadri for 2 minutes on Embellishment and then threw a misconduct at him when he disputed the call.

Hey ref, you fuckin idiot, you’re in the wrong here. The guy got pulled back onto the ice in a chokehold, how is that embellishment?! Hartman is going down and pulling Kadri with him, hoe can he stop that?

Plus when he argues against it you give him a misconduct? Seriously some of these refs need to use their eyes. 

Some are saying “well Kadri locks arms with him!!!!11!!!” He’s trying to pull Hartman off dumbass, that’s just an instinct when someone is holding your neck. If the refs called embellishment because of that they’re fucking blind. 

There is nothing to be done now, the game is over. But for the game’s sake, the league needs to figure it’s shit out on rules and calling because at this point it’s getting ridiculous. It’s hitting a point of total annoyance because the call relies on the complete whims of the ref themselves. Some refs would have just called Hartman and some would have called Kadri. Some called both like these refs tonight. 

There is no consistency sometimes when it comes to calls and it’s getting annoying to watch. Plus this is not the first time that Nazem Kadri has been screwed by a call, it’s been happening his whole career and it’s malarkey.

There’s nothing to change about this call now but NHL be better. (And stop fucking over Nazem Kadri)

Featured Image: NBCSN

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