Team USA Takes The L Against Team Canada in Game 1

The World Juniors are here and the USA has already taken the L.

Team USA lost Game 1 to Team Canada today in a 6-4 defeat.

What’s heartbreaking is that Canada and the US were tied with 3:14 left in the third but that Absolute Unit Alexis Lafrenière came in and put Team Canada up one. Lafrenière had 4 points in this game alone and he’ll probably be the one leading points by the end of this tournament. 

It sucks for Team USA who is stacked but they’ll be up against Germany, who hasn’t played yet, on December 27th. Another threat to watch out for will be Team Sweden and Team Finland. Finland is the reigning Champs and they’ll be looking for a repeat. Meanwhile, Team Sweden is always stacked with rockets. Sweden beat Finland today in a 3-2 OT Victory. Not to mention, this goal made an appearance.

To finish the day, Switzerland beat Kazakhstan 5-3 and the Czech Republic finished off Russia at 4-3. As an American, I’ll be cheering for Team USA but you can follow us as the World Juniors play out. 


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Featured Image: Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

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