Patrick Kane Wasn’t On The Top 10 Players of the Decade and It’s Malarkey

Yo NHL on NBC, what are you on?

NBC dropped a lost of the Top 10 Players of the Decade and Patrick Kane isn’t on it?? This is some bullshit, are you kidding me?

In this decade, Patrick Kane won 3 Stanley Cups, Con Smithe winner, and 2016 Hart winner. Kane played in 779 regular-season games with 330 games and 842 points. In the playoffs, Kane has 111 games with 41 goals and 109 points in total. PLUS


It is absolute insanity that this is a real list.

Erik Karlsson is 3rd and he’s played in 717  games with 590 points (132G 458A) and an average Corsi For of 53.4%. Sure, Karlsson is a great defenseman but he’s not top 10 of the decade.

Kane is Top 10 – I’d say Top 5 – of the Decade and some dipshit at NBC is really failing at their job.


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Featured Image: NBC (Yeah, fuck off and credit your photos)

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