William Nylander is a 30 Goal Scorer

William Nylander is on pace for 30 goals this season and he’s gonna do it.

In 38 games, Nylander has 14 goals and 14 assists for 28 points.

Elevating to some more complex stats, the 23-year-old elevates the team to a Corsi For percentage of 59.23% whenever he’s on the ice. Willie also posts the team to a 60.69% scoring chance for and 62.16% in high definition goals for.

Nylander is a stud this season for the Leafs. People have been calling for Willie to be traded and that’s some bullshit. He’s 4th on the team in points, in the top 10 in minutes played, and not to mention he’s played in every game so far.

You have a phenomenal kid on your team who is working his bag off for them right now, quit bitching. 

He’s gonna hit those 30 goals this season, I’ll defend that hill.

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