Super Football Day: NFL Games Actually Good?

I love this day in football every year.  One of the best sports days of the year in my opinion.  A steady dose of NFL along with an onslaught of bowl games.  Its the perfect Saturday to fire up the grill, put the beers in the cooler, and do some good old fashioned garage drinkin’.

Texans vs Bucs at noon, followed by the battle for the AFC East between the Bills and Patriots, followed by another big game in the NFC West between the Niners and Rams.

Texans (9-5) @ Bucs (7-7) 

I thought the Texans vs Bucs game was going to be meh, but if you’ve watched this first half its an electric boogaloo.  Jameis is doing damndest to lose this game, winging the ball all over the place and already has three pics.  Its somehow still a close game, and I hope the Bucs come back and win because the Texans just don’t do it for me.  Hate Bill O’Briens butthole chin, hate DeShaun Watson because nobody will shut the fuck up about how the Bears could have had him or Mahomes, and ultimately just hate the laziness of the team’s name.

“Alright guys we’re guna add another team to the league, and its going to be in Houston Texas.  What should we call them?”

“Ummm how about the Texans?”

“Excellent, meeting adjourned”

Fuck them (plus the Oilers is such a dope name and their uniforms were fire).  So ya, I want the Bucs in this one (even though they just fumbled again as I was typing this sentence.)

Bills (10-4) @ Patriots (11-3)

LETS GO BILLS.  Please God let this be the year.  If the Pats win it will be their 11th (ELEVENTH) straight year winning the division.  Andy Dalton lead Buffalo to the Playoffs last year, but these poor Bills fans have suffered too long.  And we’re all tired of the Pats regime.  Josh Allen is meh (He beat Iowa when he was at Wyoming and I’m still pissed), but the Bills are Americas team, and are actually good this year.  Suck on that Cowboys.  I want Pinto Ron dripping in Mustard right in the Pats face.

Rams (8-6) @ 49ers (11-3)

Not a whole to say about this one.  The Rams need the win to stay in the hunt.  I would say the Niners have an advantage playing at home, but they got beat by the fucking Falcons at home last week.  George Kittle is THE MAN.  Shanahan is a genius.  Jimmy G is a man rocket.  Lets see what happens?

PS: Bowl game mania blog to come soon.



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