NHL All-Star Captains Are As To Be Expected

The NHL Announced their NHL captains today and it’s par for the course.

The Metropolitan Division will be captained by Alex Ovechkin.

The Central Division will be captained by the Nathan MacKinnon.

The Pacific will have Connor McDavid as their captain.

And lastly, maybe the biggest surprise, is David Pastrnak being the Atlantic Division Captain.

It’s no surprise that any of these guys are Captaining an All-Star team. Ovechkin, who I wrote about yesterday, has 35 points in 36 games. MacKinnon has 53 points in 36 games, leading the Avs. McDavid has 59 points in 38 games. Pastrnak has 50 points in 36 games.

All of them are worthy of this honor to lead the teams at the All-Stars on January 24th-25th, 2020. Every player has been on highlight reel after highlight reel this season and there is only more to come from this game.

Featured Image: NHL Twitter

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