Gumbo Joe Wins The Heisman

The clear front runner. The guy’s a boss no doubt about it, and the voting stats showed it. Honestly though, I was expecting a very stereo typical speech, thanking god, family, etc.  But when Joe paused, whimpered, and uttered the words “Coach O…” and they panned to a side by side of Joe and Coach O, I’m not guna lie, i cried along with them.


The more and more that comes out about Coach O the more likeable he is.  I love the man.  And if you didn’t love him after seeing him and his QB share tears of joy for his Heisman achievement, look at this face when Burrow even mentioned the words “crawfish and gumbo”.


The man loves 4 things: crawfish, gumbo, football, and winning.  Who else would you want to go to war for? For me, nobody.  Great night for Joe, Coach O, and LSU.

PS: I was never a fan of LSU after that ass whooping they put on my beloved Notre Dame in the 2005 Sugar Bowl.  Stay off the gumbo Joe (even though gumbo Joe is a fire nickname, I’m guna make that the title of the blog now) and you wont end up on the couch with Eddie Lacy and Jamarcus Russell.  Should only be a great career ahead.

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