The College Football Awards: Where Heroes Get Remembered, But Legends Never Die

I’ve always loved that College Football has done an award ceremony like this.  Instead of waiting for the NBA, MLB, and NFL to release the award winners for each category over the period of  fortnight,  we get it all done in one fowl swoop (foul swoop? idk midas whale run with it.)  The ESPY’s try to do something like this and they fall flat on their face every time.  The hosts always make you say ummm who? what? why?.  If you stay tuned after the opening monologue, your a psychopath.  Just let Timberlake do it every year and be done with it, he was clearly the funniest one.  And god bless the NCAA for getting one thing right and helping us bridge this unbearable one hour gap before the much anticipated Jets vs. Ravens game. Without further ado, here are the awards nominees and winners.

Chuck Bednarik Award — Defensive Player of the Year

  • Derrick Brown, Auburn (Sr.)
  • Isaiah Simmons, Clemson (Jr.)
  • Chase Young, Ohio State (Jr.)

WINNER: Chase Young.  I mean come on, fuck OSU but this guy can ball out.

Biletnikoff Award — Outstanding Receiver

  • Ja’Marr Chase, LSU (So.)
  • CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma (Jr.)
  • Michael Pittman Jr., USC (Sr.)

WINNER: Cee Fucking Dee Lamb.  I haven’t seen a receiver with better hands since DeAndre Hopkins.  I played WR in high school (not to brag), but the one thing my friends and family are sick of hearing me say while watching a game is “Catch the ball with your damn hands, and that makes you an elite receiver!”  I know all NFL caliper receivers can catch the ball using only their hands a majority of the times, but its the ones who do it 99% of the time who are elite.  I think CeeDee will be in this category.  I also put Alshon Jeffery and Anthony Miller in this category.

Lou Groza Award — Outstanding Placekicker

  • Rodrigo Blankenship, Georgia (Sr.)
  • Keith Duncan, Iowa (Jr.)
  • Blake Mazza, Washington State (So.)

WINNER: Keith Duncan. As an Iowa fan I’m not guna lie I didn’t realize how consistent this kid was until the last game against Nebraska.  Nailing a second kick in a row after being iced and wagging you finger at the Nebraska sideline after you send your team to victory?  Those are some grade-A stones on that kid.  And at this rate, you only have to kick 75% in the NFL to be ELITE.  O and he got a full scholarship after that game. Not a bigggg deeeeaaallll.

Ray Guy Award — Punter of the Year

  • Dane Roy, Houston (Sr.)
  • Max Duffy, Kentucky (Jr.)
  • Sterling Hofrichter, Syracuse (Jr.)

WINNER: If your name is not Ryan Donahue nobody cares.  Go check out his highlights on youtube.  I actually was lucky enough to gas beers with Donahue at Union back in the day. His wife and boss’ wife were best friends.  He ordered me something called a root beer shot.  To this day I’ll order one in a dire specials teams situation for my Bears or my Hawkeyes.  Congrats to whomever wins the award though blah blah blah…

Maxwell Award — Player of the Year

  • Joe Burrow, LSU (Sr.)
  • Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma (Sr.)
  • Chase Young, Ohio State (Jr.)

Davey O’Brien Award — Best Quarterback

  • Joe Burrow, LSU (Sr.)
  • Justin Fields, Ohio State (Jr.)
  • Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma (Sr.)

WINNERS:  These two awards are always where the NCAA gets cute.  At this point it’s going to be Burrow for Heisman.  Traditionally, they will give Jalen Hurts the Maxwell Award as a nice consolation prize for all his perseverance throughout his career.  Now I’m going to bet that Burrow also wins the Davey O’Brien for best QB because he is a senior, but would not be shocked to see Fields get the DOB and spread the hardware to all 3 players this year.

Outland Trophy — Most Outstanding Interior Lineman

  • Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin (Jr.)
  • Derrick Brown, Auburn (Sr.)
  • Penei Sewell, Oregon (So.)

WINNER: Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin.  You go to Wisconsin, You Win this award.

Jim Thorpe Award — Best Defensive Back

  • Grant Delpit, LSU (Jr.)
  • Jeff Okudah, Ohio State (Jr.)
  • J.R. Reed, Georgia (Sr.)

WINNER: Grant Delpit, LSU

John Mackey Award — Outstanding Tight End

  • Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic (Sr.)
  • Hunter Bryant, Washington (Jr.)
  • Brevin Jordan, Miami (So.)

WINNER: The winner will be Hunter Bryant out of Washington, but I would like to start the narrative to rename this the “George Kittle Award”  Idk what John Mackey accomplished in his career, but with all due respect, he ain’t no Geroge Kittle.

PS: Donahue, If you read this blog hit me up, lets get weird.

PPS: I know nothing about community service, I litter all the time.  Shout out to all the nominees, they all deserve it, just hope they aren’t cucked by Chris Long.

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