Red Wings End 12-Game Losing Streak!

I sincerely feel bad for you Detroit but today hold onto this one victory.

The Red Wings have ended their 12 games losing streak in a 2-5 victory over the Winnipeg Jets. The Red Wings season has been a mess – that I talked about a while back here –  and this extra 12 game losing streak was a kick in the nuts.

The Red Wings are now 8-22-3 and the team is a mess but they banned together tonight to save their coach’s job win a hockey game! 

Despite the disaster, Robby Fabbri has been excelling in Detroit. Fabbri started his season in St. Louis and was traded after 9 games with the Blues and just 1 goal. Now, after 16 games, Fabbri has 8 goals and 7 assists for 15 points! That change of scenery has been good for him at least.

This victory is hopefully taken as a learning experience for the team. They saw that showing up early is their way of growing. Honestly, they’re not playoff material but they have enough talent to be higher then they are. It’s just a matter of finding a strong suit and jumping on it.

Featured Image:David Guralnick, Detroit News

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