NWHL Is Taking The Game Outdoors

BIG news for women’s hockey as the NWHL is taking the game outdoors for their first Outdoor NWHL game. Today, the NWHL announced the official name for the game will be the Labatt Blue NWHL Buffalo Believes Classic. Labatt Blue is a Canadian beer company and their Labatt’s Brand Manager Jamie Polisoto spoke to the media saying:

“As a Canadian beer brand with deep hockey roots, we’re proud to partner with the National Women’s Hockey League. The Labatt Blue NWHL Buffalo Believes Classic will be packed with some of the most dedicated fans in hockey and we look forward to joining them to celebrate the game we love.” (x)

This game is the first in NWHL history. Not to be confused, the NWHL’s Boston Pride participated in an outdoor game back in 2016 against the CWHL’s Les Canadiennes.

This outdoor game will be held on December 28th, 2019 at 7 PM CT. The Buffalo Beautes will be hosting the Metropolitan Riveters and the game will be played at RiverWorks. You can buy tickets for that event here.

As much as I would love to go A. I don’t live on the east coast and B. I’m flying out to Dallas that morning to be at the NHL’s Winter Classic. This is another big moment in history for women’s hockey and a great way to close out a fantastic year for this sport.

Featured Image: nwhl.zone

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