Gerrit Cole Got Hella Paid, But It Came At A Price

gerrit_cole_shavedShout out Cut4 for the photoshop, but god damn its guna be bad to see man with beautiful lettuce and a fresh pair stripped of his beautiful locks.  I mean, it’s 2019 and the Yankess are still operating like the Reich of the MLB.  At a point in sorts history and social media, letting the players be themselves drives more engagement and love for every player.

My highschool baseball team had the same rules.  No facial hair, no sideburns, no long hair, no white spikes.  Thank god I didn’t hit puberty until I was 26 so I  never haad to worry about maintaining my beard, but the Greeks on the team had a tough time  (Shoutout Steve-O and Eliopolis).

via Giphy

Do you remember when Johnny Damon went to the Yaankees?  Holy Fuck, on the Red Sox he was a swagger hound.  Lucious locks, Sick beard, and then he went to the Yankess and turned into the ex-boyfriend in a rom-com who works at Charles Schwab.

via Reddit

I mean holy fuck, talk about taking off a guys balls and feeding him to him.  Now I understand the Cole transformation is a diet version of Damon’s, but it just stinks that we can’e let guys be dudes and rock the locks they want if you want to play for the “prestigious” New York Yankees.

PS: I mean fucking props to Cole for getting that MONEY at 29 years old.  That is so much money my brain hurt trying to convert it to pack’s of Marlboro 27’s, because that’s the only way I can rationalize money in my head.

PPS: Scot Boras FUCKS. And its guna suck when the Cubs lose both Bryant and Castellanos because Boras is the Peter Baelish of the MLB.

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T: @fasthandshams

Featured Image: Cut4

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