Dallas Stars Start the Day by Firing Coach Montgomery and End It With A Shutout Victory

Today has been a wild day for the Dallas Stars association. But hey, so is every December in Dallas.

The Stars started the morning by firing their head coach Jim Montgomery. We don’t know yet, and maybe we never will, what exactly went down between the Stars and Montgomery. Here is what we know (via this Athletic article):

  • Montgomery was fired for a “material act of unprofessionalism” and the action was determined “against the value and standards of the Dallas Stars organization”.
  • No players, past or present, were involved in this incident and this was not about on-ice performance. 
  • This incident occurred before Sunday. Jim Nill (Dallas Stars GM) found out about it in a call on Sunday.
  • Between Sunday and Tuesday morning, Nill conducted an investigation.
  • Tuesday morning: Montgomery is fired and Rick Bowness steps in as intermittent coach.
  • Stars’ players found out once they got to practice.

Nill was very vague about what this incident was but it has to be something very serious if Nill shuts him down in the press like he did. There are rumors in the press about what might have happened but we don’t know for certain. This line from Nill really stands out because it seems charged and hinting that this was something really bad:

“It is an honor and a privilege to work in the NHL, and there is a standard that we are held accountable to as an employee of the Dallas Stars organization.” (x)

I’ll be honest, it’s not something the fans have a right to know. The players have every right to know and I have the team finds out or maybe they already have. But being a fan of something doesn’t entitle you to everything. 

All I can really guess or say is that if it’s super serious maybe it’s best to air that laundry, leave out names but once again, fans aren’t entitled to every detail.

Here is Nill’s press conference

The Stars had no time to really let the firing sink in. But damn if they did not take it in stride.

The Stars took on the Devils, who have been an east coast disaster this season. The Stars pulled off an amazing, much-needed win, ending the game 2-0.

Ben Bishop achieved his 32nd NHL career shutout after facing 26 shots from the Devils. The two goals came from Radek Faksa and Joe Pavelski, both goals were sick. The Stars absolutely dominated in the first two periods with 70%+ Corsi Fors but they took a dip to 35% in the 3rd period. They took advantage of the opportunities they had though and it was a great way to recover from all of the shock of that morning.

The Stars are on the ups though, they have won their last 12 of 14 games and things are finally sunny in Dallas. It’s been a long day for Stars fans but hopefully, this is just a small bump in the road to the Cup.

Featured Image: Twitter

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