Noquan Smith For The Remainder Of The Season For Da Bears

Damn I nailed that title…Anyway


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Just as I was writing a masterpiece blog about the Bears being back, Schefty fucks up my whole morning.  It was going to be a beautiful metaphor comparing this years Bears team to James Marsden’s character in Westworld, dying a bazillion times and then Thursday nigh’t game was that time in season 2 when Dolores goes into Marsden’s brain and then he’s a stone cold bad ass after that, remember? Well burn that blog to the ground.

Another kick in the nuts for the Bears? Really?  Finally getting a big “primetime” win, Mitch didn’t suck, Akiem hicks is back this week, and now our poor baby Roquan has to watch the Bears lose out from the sideline.

People have been knocking Roquan for regressing with a “sophomore slump” but every time I watch he’s out there putting a hat on a hat.  He reminds me of that kid you avoided in hitting drills, counting the guys in the line across from you, letting your buddies cut in front of you so you could go up against the kicker you just borrow from the soccer team.  The guy craves contact. Plus with Hicks being out most of this year, he has had to take a lot more pressure from lineman barreling up field, and he’s held his own.  Which makes it that much sadder that we wont get to see Full blown Roquan, back in his comfort zone when Hicks returns.

It’s no doubt that Mack is the straw that stirs the drink for the Bears defense.  It has been said time and time again but he opens up opportunities for the entire defense.  I mean how many tackles/sacks you think Leonard Floyd has if we don’t sign Mack?  What I’m getting at Hicks is to Roquan as Mack is to Floyd.  With Hicks in the lineup Roquan has the extra step to get to outside plays and not to mention 350lbs of badass in front of him to help stop the run.

I love you Roquan.  The City of Chicago loves you.  Take care of that busted titty and we’ll continue your hall of fame career next year. sighs

PS: Roquan is just an all around likeable guy right?  Quiet, just tweets his bible quotes, and cracks skulls. Cant use the L word enough in this blog.  I love him.

PPS: If you havent seen Westworld season 2 and you say one thing about spoilers we’re throwing hands.  It came out in 2018. Grow Up.

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Featured Image: via Chicago Bears (lets just pretend that its Rodgers he’s sacking and not Kizer)

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