Alexis Lafreniere Has 70 Points in 32 Games – Hot Damn

The 2020 NHL Draft is so far out it’s almost at Mars but this Alexis Lafreniere has been putting up come serious contention for the 1st overall spot. 

Alexis Lafreniere is just 18-years-old and the kid has put up 70 points (24G 46A) in the first 32 games of this season. Last season, Lafreniere had 105 total points (37G 68A) in a full 61 game season. Give him 5-10 games and he’ll be there. 

This kid is an absolute stallion to watch. He is playing his third season with the Rimouski Oceanic, Crosby’s old stomping grounds, and is eligible for the 2020 Draft. Lafreniere is a guy that plays in the gritty areas and creates goals from it. He is a bigger guy at 6’1″ and 192 lbs so he is quite the physical presence on the ice.

This kid is going to make a big impact wherever he goes next. His hands are fantastic and he is relentless. 

Lafreniere will be at World Juniors so we’ll get to see him in more action coming up but keep your eyes peeled for this kid in the highlight reels.


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Featured Image: Mathieu Belanger/Getty Images

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