Holy Committee Moly Batman. They Got It Right?

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia

For the first time since its inauguration it appears the committee was up late last night and didn’t have one too many Disorono’s on the rocks to fuck this whole thing up.  Part of me pictured Condoleezza Rice sipping a cocktail at 4am and telling the room “But could you imagine if we put Alabama at 4!?” as the whole room belly laughs like a scene out of Goodfellas.

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But no.  They nailed it.  I personally am a BCS homer and believe the BCS wasn’t the problem, it was the fact there weren’t four teams.  The only reason people hated the BCS was because they had no one to blame.  Thousands of fans of the #3 seed pointing their finger at a computer yelling “You Idiot!” like an old man yelling at a crowd.  Having a computer to blame just doesn’t get the juices flowing like blaming a room full of old white guys and Condoleezza Rice.  That being said I think this is the first year of the CFP era that the committee performed better than a BCS computer would have.  And their ace in the hole move was having LSU jump Ohio St.  The ‘ole BCS hated and i mean HATED letting teams jump other teams if both teams won that week.  But the committee didn’t flinch and put the true best team in the country at #1.  In terms of the #4 seed, the teams made it pretty easy on the committee to make Oklahoma the best choice for #4.  But imagine if Baylor wins that game in OT and Georgia loses in a somewhat respectable fashion to LSU? Crazy shit, but anyway this is going to be a dope playoff and I can’t wait to watch it 6-8 weeks.

PS: I fucking know Condoleezza Rice isn’t on the committee anymore but the thought of it tickles me.  The former Secretary of whatever, member of Augusta national, gap tooth lookin head ass deciding whether or not some guy in Norman, Oklahoma is guna light his kids christmas presents on fire?  That shits funny.

PPS: And yes I had to google how to spell that whack ass name and that’s actually how you spell it.  “Kumar? What is that like 5 O’s and 2 U’s?”


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Featured Image: via Brookings

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