Blackhawks May Have Lost BUT Here is Tonight’s Silver Lining

The Blackhawks started off hot tonight and in the end, the game ended with a 4-3 shootout loss. It stings but let me tell you how hyped I am about one thing that happened tonight.

53 seconds into the game, Toews scored and things were just dandy. Alex DeBrincat was next up and got the Hawks into a safe 0-2 lead. Not to mention that it’s Brinksy’s goal brought his point streak up to 3 games.

The Coyotes put one on the board but Dominik Kubalik made sure to add another goal and keep the Hawks ahead going into the 2nd.

The second period is where the cards fall. The Coyotes evened the game within this 20 minutes BUT something important did come out of the 2nd period.

The Hawks are struggling with consistency, they’ll win a game against the top teams in the league and then crumble under a little bit of pressure. They have no real identity and some games it feels like they’re just skating along.

That’s where Dennis Gilbert comes in.

Dennis Gilbert has had 2 fights in 2 games, 22 PIMs in that time.

Tonight, Jason Demers laid a dangerous hit on Alex Debrincat and Gilbert was having none of that shit.

Gilbert shut Demers shit down in a big fight. This fight is something that’s becoming rarer in the NHL. Gilbert doesn’t like Demers picking on his buddy (Demers picked on Brinksy all game) and he put an end to it, he stood up for Alex. Hockey has moved away from the big fighting but at times like this it’s necessary. Sometimes you have to drop the mitts and show that you won’t let someone throw your teammates around.

Some people on twitter are pissed about the resulting goal and yeah that sucks but boo-fuckin-hoo man. There are times you need to fight for your teammates, it is literally why fighting has been big in hockey. You fight for the guy standing next to you, that’s what makes this game so loveable.

Yeah, the loss hurts but the Hawks are 12-12-6 and they’re finding their place. It’s taken a long time and there is still room to grow. The team is in need of passion right now, that passion was there tonight. Yeah things didn’t go there way but they still managed a point instead of going out empty-handed. The Hawks are getting there and I am loving the passion coming from certain guys on the bench. It takes one spark to really kick things off and that spark could be the fight from Gilbert.


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