Nate MacKinnon Is All Around The Best Teammate

Nate MacKinnon is fantastic- this comes as news to no one. The guy is a phenomenal hockey player, a down-to-earth guy, and on top of that, he’s a big team player.

MacKinnon’s current contract is very team-friendly. For a guy that is as good as he is (putting up about 90 points a season and playing as many minutes as he does), he doesn’t make as much. MacKinnon’s AAV is $6.3 million and is just 8.6% of the Avs cap hit. Not to mention that the deal he is on is a seven-year deal. He didn’t shoot for a bridge deal like most young RFAs do, instead, he went longterm on a team that fought for him.

And he doesn’t regret that move one bit.

MacKinnon told an interviewer for Forbes that in his next contract negotiation, he is willing to do it again. His direct quote was:

 “On my next deal, I’ll take less again. Because I want to win with this group.” (x)

MacKinnon understands that fitting in so much talent on the NHL salary cap only works if everyone shares and takes a discount. Sidney Crosby preaches the same thing out in Pittsburgh. A high functioning, star-studded team only works if everyone takes a discount. Nate works the same way.

He’s a humble and passionate guy MacKinnon, you can see that in every second he plays on the ice, so it comes as zero surprises that he would do anything for his team to find success. Plus, he sets a great example for kids seeing that even though he’s this famous hockey player, he still has his feet on the ground, he cares about the team’s success more than himself. We all need to be more like Nathen MacKinnon.

Featured Image: Sportsnet

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