Stephen Johns Practices With Stars, Signs of a Comeback?

Today, Stephen Johns participated in a full practice with the Dallas Stars. The defenseman hasn’t played in the NHL since March 29th, 2018 and has been sidelined with post-traumatic headaches.

Although this is not a sure sign that he will be in the lineup soon, this is amazing progress for the 27-year-old that has been dearly missed by this Stars team. Johns did play with the team during development camp but he hasn’t been around much since.

I talked about him a few times, one of them being a while ago when talking about the seriousness of head injuries. But news about Johns has been sporadic.

His return to the ice will be a big deal for the Stars who have been pulling for him all this time. The lineup looks a great deal different from the last time he took the ice but Johns would mesh well with players like Roman Polak and a reunion with Jamie Oleksiak.

The Stars are 15-10-2 currently and at 3rd in the Central Division. Don’t get your hopes up just yet Stars fans, there is still no timetable for a return. But things re definitely looking up.

Featured Image:Ryan Michalesko / Staff Photographer

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