Calgary and NHL Look Into Multiple Allegations Against Coach Bill Peters

Last night, a number of allegations came out against Calgary Flames coach Bill Peters from multiple of his ex-players. The allegations vary from person to person but every single one has been vile.

The first player to come forward was Akim Aliu, who played under Peters in his time with the Rockford IcesHogs. Aliu tweeted last night:

He went into detail about the situation with Frank Seravalli in this article here. Aliu also talks about why he never spoke up and first hand what happened. READ his story!

With Aliu coming forward, other players have also brought attention to situations that transpired between them and Peters.

Good on Aliu for coming forward about this. It takes a lot to come forward and tell the truth especially when no one else has yet. Peters needs to be shut down.

When this investigation comes to a close, it better end with Peters being banned from coaching another hockey team, at any level. He has ruined careers and slandered players who have stood up for themselves. The Flames need to fire this scum bag and the league needs to ban him.

Saying these things and acting this way are unacceptable. His time is done.

Featured Image: Fox News

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