Tyson Barrie Has Successful Return to Colorado

If you know anything about me, then let it be remembered how upset I was when Tyson Barrie was traded from Colorado to Toronto. On top of that, I was upset with the way Babcock was playing Tyson Barrie to start the season. He got painted in a bad light by the Toronto Media when Babcock tried to force him into being a just defensive defenseman, while Barrie has always been productive.

Barrie had a rough start in Toronto under Babcock, starting the year with just 7 assists in 23 games with a -11 rating. After Babcock was fired, Barrie has 2 goals and 1 assist with a +1 rating in just 2 games.

Barrie’s first game back in Colorado was emotional.

To start off, OWWW Avs Twitter:

Next, Tyson received a standing ovation from a crowd that misses him dearly, every single God damn day.

To add to that, Barrie got a goal on his first shift with the 1st Power Play Unit, a place he should have been all season.

To close out the night, the Maple Leafs picked up their 2nd win in a row. I miss Barrie on the Avalanche every day but he is about to start thriving in Toronto. Since Babcock was fired, Tyson has another start to put things in his favor. He’s gonna do amazing but I’ll still miss him and the social media content.

Featured Image:Toronto Maple Leafs / Instagram

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