Chaos Breaks Out in DC While Capitals Face Ducks

Tonight the Anaheim Ducks traveled to Washington DC to take on the Capitals and things got heated.

The Caps lead throughout the whole game. Richard Panik got his first goal as a Cap in the first period. Ovechkin picked up one in the second period.

The Caps’ third goal was born from chaos. In the dying minute of the 2nd period, Chandler Stephenson scored a goal while there was a fight behind the net. What ensued was a battle.

From that fight came the craziest thing that happened this week. Garnet Hathaway (Caps) spit on Erik Gudbranson (Ducks). And not just a little spit. It was a full-on lougie that made me feel like I needed to take a shower after I saw it land on Gudbranson. Hathaway got a match penalty for that one.

Gudbranson was of course not happy, telling media after the game:

“That’s about as low as you can dig a pit, really. It’s a bad thing to do. It’s something you just don’t do in a game – and he did it.” (x)

Spitting on someone wouldn’t have been my first thought when someone sucker punches me but to each his own I guess? Could be some leftover rivalry from when Gudbranson was on the Penguins but who knows. You never hear of this happening so definitely a wild move. 

The Caps did end up winning 5-2. The NHL will review the action to see if it’s worth disciplinary action further. But for now, it’s just up in the air for hockey twitter to give their takes about.

Featured Image:  NBC Sports Washington

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