NHL Needs To Step Up

Last night during the Avalanche vs Canucks game, Matt Calvert took a shot to the head and was down on the ice. And the refs did not stop play even though he was down for 17 seconds and bleeding from his head. You can watch it here:

This doesn’t deserve a “Ref, you suck” it deserves a “Ref, go screw yourself”.

The man was down on the ice for a long time, bleeding from his face and you don’t blow the whistle?

Big respect to Elias Pettersson, who took the shot, reaches out towards Calvert like he’s trying to cover him and looks to the ref a few times. Yet the refs didn’t do anything.

And to everyone complaining “the rule is they don’t stop until the injured player’s team gets possession!!!!” Fuck the rule. It also says “In the case where it is obvious that a player has sustained a serious injury, the Referee and/or Linesman may stop the play immediately.” The guy was bleeding from his head with multiple players signaling the refs that it was serious.

The Avalanche players were obviously heated, rightfully so too.

Nate MacKinnon spoke here, talking about how it’s unimaginable for another sport to allow this:

Erik Johnson said:

“It’s a fucking joke. You want to protect a guy? Guy’s got a family at home, he’s laying there bleeding out of his head and you don’t blow the whistle? It’s a complete joke. An absolute joke. They should be ashamed of themselves.” (x)

It is a fucking joke that the Canucks’ goal even happened and was left even after review. This injury could have been so much more dangerous than it is.

The NHL needs to step up and protect its players. When a player takes a shot to the head, neck, or face the play needs to be stopped. One day that player is not going to get back up.

It has happened before to people, even to kids. As much as I love hockey, it isn’t worth someone losing their life. Change your rules now, NHL. We’ve seen injuries like this too many times. Life is so much bigger than this game, it’s preached every day, now make the way you run the league reflect that.

Step the hell up, NHL.

Featured Image: CBSSports

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