Robin Lehner is Doing Great Things For Blackhawks

Last season’s goalie troubles were traumatizing for Blackhawk fans. Between watching belovedΒ Corey Crawford struggle through injury (I still worry) and a cast of characters in net, things were shakey for Chicago. But the signing of Robin Lehner has panned out amazingly for the team.

So far this season, Lehner has a 4-3-2 record with 2.52 GAA and a .934 save percentage. He’s been keeping the Blackhawks from getting absolutely annihilated some nights. Even last night against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Lehner faced 57 shots and stopped 53 of them, which tied for a career-high. Last night wasn’t the only time he put up highlight-reel stops.

Not to mention he’s the most honest guy when it comes to interviews:

He’s really just an honest guy in general.

Lehner won the Masterton last season and has worked hard to open up the conversation about mental illness and addiction in sports. He was on Headstrong this past week to talk about the topic:

So it’s official, I love him. He’s brought some reliability to the net, even if the defense is lacking (to put it nicely) he’s there keeping things together. Not to mention he’s got personality and he’s a fighter. I respect the hell out of him and I’m excited to see more! Join or Die babyyyy!

Featured Image: NBCS Sports

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