Here is Why Jamie Benn is a Great Captain of the Dallas Stars. Take Notes.

Sit down children, you’re learning something today.

I’ve talked a few times about how the Stars have had a rough start to the season, at one point hitting 1-7-1 but they’ve been able to pull themselves back to 8-8-1. Yet people are calling for Jamie Benn to lose his captaincy. If that’s you:

You’re a misinformed moron and here’s why. 

Before I begin I will talk real quick about the piece that compelled me to scream this into existence.

In the blog I read, that I won’t link for the author’s sake, all of the facts were bent to make the narrative fit better. To that author, your “analysis” paints an inaccurate picture of Benn’s point production based on the face value of goals and assists.

Well plain and simple, you’re wrong. There’s more to what Benn is going on the ice than scoring points and laying hits.

You didn’t see how his shot percentage has climbed in recent seasons. How he’s blocked more shots and laid more hits in recent years than before.

You don’t consider how Benn’s Created Goals Per Game has seen some of it’s best numbers in his time since 2016. You ignore how the past two seasons have seen the best High Danger Goals For of Jamie Benn’s entire career, at 69.62% and 67.53% in that order. Not to mention his PDO in 2016 was 1.013, well in 2017-18 it was 1.026 and in 2018-19 it ended at 1.028.

The Total Goals For the Stars with Jamie on the ice has been the highest oh his career. The team is very different from when Benn won the Art Ross so don’t act like his decrease is the whole reason the boat is sinking. You cannot scapegoat everything onto Jamie Benn’s shoulders.

Your meager suggestion that the Stars should part ways with Benn, as a whole, is absolutely foolish. How you brushed off everything Benn does off the ice and disregarded how his help now has changed his point production is bullshit.

To tie it all up with a bow, your grammar is a disaster and writing style is stale.

jamie 1.gif

If you believe that captains are supposed to be the player with the most points on the team, you don’t know what a captain is. Being a captain is not something that can be measured in goals and points. 

If it were most of the captains in the NHL should not be captain. If that’s your belief than players like Zdeno Chara, Bo Horvat, Jonathan Toews, Shea Weber, Jordan Staal, or Nick Foligno shouldn’t be captains in the NHL BUT they’re some of the best leaders their team has ever seen. 

jamie 2.gif

Captains are not picked based on point production. If they were you would see some shitty leaders in the league. Captains are picked based on character. If they can lead a room and read it better than anyone, if they take responsibility on the ice and react. The character of Jamie Benn is the best on that Stars’ team. (Sorry other Star boys)

Who was the guy that bit his tongue and remained civil and calm while the team president went on a public bitch rant to the media, dragging the veteran’s name through the mud after not talking to him beforehand? That was Jamie Benn. 

When Ben Bishop’s phone died after his family’s house was damaged by a tornado, who showed up at his front door and offered the Bishop family a place to say while the house was being fixed? Jamie Benn did.

Who is the guy that has been through Hell with the Dallas Stars and remained a positive beacon to everyone who walks into the locker room? Jamie Fuckin’ Benn.

jamie 3.gif

Being a captain putting in the time, every single second you have. It is giving hope when you, yourself are questioning its existence. He put in the time this summer, staying in Dallas and training hard.

Even when the Stars were nowhere near playoff contention, a kid, who was said to be unworthy of a draft place, was putting in the time and effort to make his team believe in victory.

Even when shit was dark, like when Lites made an ass of himself to the media, Benn stood by his teammates’ side. He didn’t point fingers at who else could step up that season. Benn said:

Yeah. I don’t play for [Lites]. I play for every player in this room, the coaching staff. I come to the rink and, like I said, I am proud to be a Dallas Star and I am proud to go out every night and battle with these guys in the game. I really put my teammates first.” 

That’s a captain.

jamie 5.gif

On top of that, Stars fans who are arguing against Jamie, who are you to say that Jamie is a bad captain? Because he doesn’t listen to you when you yell at the TV or bitch on Twitter?

For the record tagging him in negative press is an asshole move, scumbags. That goes for any NHL player really.

There’s a reason you’re not on the ice or in the offices. You don’t see how he interacts with the room or teammates. I don’t either. But the people he has played with, the ones who have followed his lead through the best of times and the worst of times tell the same story. Example A, Mike McKenna.

Do you know what he said about Jamie?

Jamie Benn is -a- goddamn amazing captain.

He has given his life and soul to this team. Anyone’s negative tweets and comments be damned. To be honest, I’d follow that man into war.

So take notes “fans”, when things get rough and you wanna bash the Captain of the Dallas Stars, take a second to think about all of the success he has brought you. Think of all the things yet to come for this loaded Dallas team.

Things are rough, that’s sports. But the one thing I learned over the years is “it ain’t over, ’till it’s over”. Hope is not lost until the game is over until the time is completely out. Dallas has the time. There are still 65 games (plus playoffs) in the season and Jamie Benn will be there Captaining the Stars through it all.

jamie 4.gif

Featured Image: Ryan Michalesko/The Dallas Morning News

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