I Have So Many Questions

So the Dallas Stars tweeted out this video earlier tonight and I have so many questions I need to ask.

This lady has a full ass jar of mayonnaise and is just eating it in the stands at a Dallas Stars vs Montreal Canadian hockey game IN DALLAS. Now I have been guilty to eat a scoop of mayonnaise when I was like 11 but this is a bold move to pull past that age.

She brought a whole ass jar of mayonnaise to the arena. Security said “oh sure head-on in” and she ATE IT with a METAL SPOON (that she would have had to bring with her) during the game.

I want a video of when she came in the doors. She just put that on the side of the metal detector (or would it have to go through it?) and security just let her?

I don’t imagine that you can buy that at the concession stand. She would have had to have brought that with her. The guy has fries to at least dip it but she said: “fuck your fries” and just ate the mayonnaise.

I have a lot of questions and if you are one of the people in this video PLEASE tweet me the details because I am intrigued. @aec_hamilton on Twitter, thank you.

EDIT An interesting theory from my friend Adrienne: Could be doing the vanilla pudding prank — good detective work.

FINAL EDIT: It was a bit 😦

Featured Image: Twitter

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