Blackhawks Keep Benching Brent Seabrook and It’s Malarkey

Brent Seabrook has been healthy scratched by the Chicago Blackhawks for the past 2 games and it is utter malarkey.

The 34-year-old defenseman has won 3 Stanley Cups in Chicago, with 1091 games played with 101 goals, 360 assists for 461 points. He’s played in 9 games this season with an average of 17:39 on the ice. He has been on the ice for 6 goals against and only 2 goals for but he’s not washed up as the Blackhawks are making him seem.

In sitting Seabrook against LA on Sunday, a message was sent. Colliton proved that no one is “safe” when they’re not putting in the work and we get that now. Okay, a big move, way to prove authority. The Hawks won the game against LA, Seabrook got some rest, and everybody won.

But keeping Seabrook pulled for 2 games is a dumb idea. He sees the point, he has to deliver or there are consequences, but now pushing it to a two-game scratch has created tension.

Now it is creating unnecessary stress that can spill into the room and cause problems. They’re taking a veteran player, who has an A, shoving him to the wayside and he’s pissed. He’s made public that he’s annoyed with this idea that he needs “rest” and that is going to start affecting the team.

Here was Seabrook’s quote on the ordeal:

Let’s look at the stats here, things are grim for the Hawks as it is.

The team is 3-6-2 (team was 6-6-3 when they fired Quenneville, they’re not gonna fire Colliton but some food for thought) with only 25 goals for (31st in the league) and 34 goals against (8th in the league). There is already some tension when things are like this.

The core of players that have been with Chicago through 2 or 3 Cups know what kind of leader Seabrook is. They’ve played with him forever and putting them in this position, between a new coach and an old friend that they have battled with, is going to cause a rift.

It’s a matter of time before there’s some push back. There were rumors last season about the Hawks may be asking Seabrook to waive his NMC but those turned false in the end. Yet from the last line of his statement, he doesn’t sound too happy with the organization.

The Hawks don’t play again until November 2nd so there is time for things to cool down. If Seabrook is scratched again, things are just going to worsen and for no reason.

I’m not Jeremy Colliton so I don’t know what his thought process is though but it’s going to be interesting to see where things go from here.

Featured Image: NBCSports


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