Marc-Andre Fleury Leading the League Early

Even at 35-years-old Marc-Andre Fleury is at the top of his game. Fleury has always been a gifted goalie but this season he has started off on top of the world.

So far this season, Fleury has started 10 games and has a 7-3 record. He’s faced 345 shots only allowing 24 goals (321 saves). Fleury has a save percentage of .910 and a GAA of 2.32.

Currently, the goaltender is leading the league in:

  • Games played (11)
  • Wins (7)
  • Shots against (345)
  • Saves (321)
  • Minutes (620)
  • Goal saves against average (7.55)
  • Goalie point shares (2.8)

The man is on fire.

Fleury hit 800 games played earlier in the season and moved into 7th in All-Time NHL Wins with 446.

Vegas has something to prove after the first-round knockout last season. With a player like Flower in net, they have solid ground to stand on.

Featured Image: Steve Marcus

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