Dream Gap Tour Chicago: Day 2

The Dream Gap Tour (a.k.a Magellan Corporation Women’s Hockey Showcase) has come to a close in the city of Chicago and I’m sad to see it go. If you missed out on what went down during Day 1 of the Showcase, you can check that out here.

It was another fantastic day at the rink but this time I was only able to catch one game as both the Championship Game and Consolation Game were going on at the same time. I sat in the same seat as yesterday and caught the Championship game between Team Granato and Team Hefford. Here was the lineup between the teams:

Lineups via PWHPA.com



The game opened with a ceremonial puck drop from Billie Jean King and Ilana Kloss. Here is a video of that.



Team Hefford started with a quiet first period, allowing a goal for Team Granato from Amanda Kessel 7:30 into the first period. Hefford had a slower start in Day 1’s game as well. Granato took advantage of Hefford’s slow start, dominating quickly with tape-to-tape passes and takeaways.

Hefford woke up early in the 2nd, tying the game 2:32 into the period with a goal from Melodie Daoust. I sadly missed that goal as I was waiting in line for coffee :(. Things remained tied up until Hefford took two penalties (hooking from Ann-Sophie Bettez and crosscheck from Josiane Pozzebon) nearly 5 seconds apart that put Team Granato on a 5-on-3 Power Play. Megan Keller of Team Granato took that opportunity and put Granato in the lead with just about 3 minutes left in the 2nd period.

The third period saw two more goals from Team Granato. The first goal came from Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson 5:39 into the period. The teams battled it out for another 15 minutes of the game, Team Hefford pushing themselves to try and get even. With just 41.6 seconds left Team Granato finished the fight with one last goal, an empty-netter scored by Kelly Pannek.

With a final of 4-1, Team Granato was crown Champions of the Dream Gap Tour Chicago.




Jessie Eldridge (Team Hefford) and Megan Keller (Team Granato) were named the Players of the Game. Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson was another player that was a delight to watch, she had multiple shots on goal and was playing a firey game. Catherine Daoust on Team Hefford stood out with some fantastically blocked shots.

It’s sad to say that the weekend is over but it was a fantastic event from start to finish! Hopefully, this isn’t the last Dream Gap Tour in Chicago but if there is another I’ll be there to report it back to you. Thank you to all of the players, coaches, and staff that put this inspiring event together.

Featured Image: Myself

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