Joe Maddon is the Manager of the Los Angeles Angels

Joe Maddon has been hired as the manager of the Los Angeles Angels and the team is a perfect fit for him. The team signed the 65-year-old to a three-year deal on October 16th. Maddon’s loss is felt heavy by the Chicago Cubs bench but he’s going to help make a big change for the Angels.

Maddon is not only a successful coach but he’s a guy that helps rally a team through rough times and no team has had it rougher than the Angels this year. With the loss of their teammate Tyler Skaggs and a tiresome season where the team ended 72-90, leaving the team 4th in the AL West, these Angels are in desperate need for a new face on the bench.

The Angels have been a team in desperate need of a breakout season, they’ve got fantastic talent in players like Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. This is not Maddon’s first time with the Angels’ organization either. He managed the California Angels back in 1996 and ended with a 8-14 record. Then Maddon reappeared in 1999 for the Anaheim Angels and came back with a better record of 19-10.

Maddon also has some sentimental ties to the team:

As I said, Maddon will be good for the Angels, he can help them become a contending team. It may take time and work but let Maddon work his magic and you’ll be seeing something amazing for this Los Angeles team.

Featured Image: Sports Illustrated

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