Alex Pietrangelo Pulls Unnessesary Move AFTER Blues v. Stars Game Ends

Alex Pietrangelo just pulled the trashiest move of the season, at least so far but it’s gonna be hard to beat.

If you didn’t see the end of the Stars vs. Blues game tonight, you might have missed this moment. Watch closely as Pietrangelo cross-checks Benn into the BLUES’ GOALTENDER to which Pietrangelo spears Jamie Benn in the stomach like it’s his own fault? What?

(Also the caption is “Jamie Benn..” like it’s Benn’s fault???? It was your own captain, fuckin’ hell. This city makes me angry.)

This is such an unnecessary move considering the game was over, Pietrangelo’s team had one, and he could have injured two players, one of them being HIS OWN GOALIE. On top of that, you’re gonna spear the guy? Wow good for you, big strong man.

The game was over, you won, show some class, Pietrangelo. You’re a captain, act like it. It’s such a Busch League move from any player, but the fact it’s a captain is just disappointing.

Also to people being like “EmBeLiShMeNt!!1!!”: You can see Benn’s skate get caught on Binnington’s as he falls forward, which causes him to fall further. Use your eyes.

The Stars and Blues do have a pretty heated rivalry and the two captains have been in arguments before, but this is just bullshit, especially at the 2nd/3rd game of the season. You could have injured your goalie and another player just for the sake of being a dick.

Stay classy, St. Louis.

Featured Image: Twitter

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